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EVERYTHING You Need For Your Secret Agent Party

Will you be charging for tickets?


Most Parties, Balls and fund raising Secret Agent events need to have 'cash' to pay for all the entertainment, food, decorations and sundry items. Where does this money come from?

Usual methods include:

Exploring these routes will off-set the major costs.


How much do I need or ask for?

The first step is a 'wish list'.  "What would we ideally like at the party / Ball / function?"

List everything.  Everything that you think would make your event spectacular, amazing and FANTASTIC!

The bill will be expensive and more than likely amount to a few thousand pounds.  Next divide this amount by the number of guests you think you will have attending.


Example:  £5,000 worth of entertainment etc. DIVIDED by (say) 200 guests = £25.00 per ticket


Let's be creative and raise some capital for this great night of yours.

Look at the bulleted points above.  How many sponsors can you approach to 'give' you money in exchange for advertising, promotional banners, PR and so forth at the function?  Don't promise them the earth, but be fair, generous, sincere and reassuring that their message will get seen, heard and be noticed.  Businesses are not charities - they are gambling on getting more business from their 'advertising' or promotion. Give them a reason to sponsor your event.

Let's say, 5 sponsors each giving £500.00  This equates to £2,500.00 raised.


Look for a sponsor to donate a magnificent prize - an expensive prize (holiday, air tickets, Free shopping in a supermarket for a year...something big, impressive and something that a lot of people would like).

Price the raffle tickets at say £2.00 (not 50p or £1.00 - it's a BIG prize you're raffling off!)

How many can you sell?  Start selling these tickets as early as you possibly can - DON'T leave it until the night of the function!

200 guests x £2.00 is only £400

By starting early, you may well be able to sell (pre-function) anywhere from 300 to 600 raffle tickets (or more). Organize as many people as you can to sell, sell, sell raffle tickets.

300 raffle tickets x £2.00 = £   600.00
500 raffle tickets x £2.00 = £1,000.00
600 raffle tickets x £2.00 = £1,200.00


Individual Item Sponsors

Explore the possibility of individual sponsors for:

If you can find just ten sponsors to sponsor each of the items listed above, you are well on your way to having a 'free' evening.  Alternatively find sponsors to 'give you' say, £100 or £200 towards the individual cost of each item - 10 x £100 is £1,000 or better still, 10 sponsors x £200 = £2,000.

One can go on and on being creative on costs and raising finance.

Let's put these figures together - NOTE this is NOT a definitive list, you CAN raise a lot more!


5 x Main Sponsors (@ £500 each) 2,500.00
500 Raffle tickets (@ £2.00 each) 1,000.00
10 'Item' sponsors (@£200 each) 2,000.00
TOTAL £5,500.00

How much did we estimate your 'wish' list came to?  Answer: £5,000.00


By your efforts, you could have raised £5,500.00 - meaning EVERYTHING is paid for AND you have made £500 profit - BEFORE you even sell a single ticket!

You can now sell tickets at a reduced rate of say just £15.00.  This will raise an additional £3,000

However, sell the tickets at £25.00 you will raise an extra £5,000.00


So, will you be charging for tickets - that's entirely up to you!