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Terms and Conditions

Clauses, Terms and Conditions of Business


Engagement - JamesBond-Lookalikes.com engaged under this agreement shall be deemed as an intermediary supplier to the HIRER on the date(s) and time(s) specified only in the contract provided.

Disputes – any disputes concerning the engagement of an act, artist or supplier under contract may be referred to JamesBond-Lookalikes.com for arbitration.   This does not preclude the right of either party to take legal proceedings.

Health and safety  - The HIRER undertakes to provide a safe working environment and where electrical equipment is in use at the venue, will ensure that regular examinations are carried out. The hirer shall guarantee to JamesBond-Lookalikes.com that all reasonable precautions have been taken by the venue.

Loss of property – It is a condition of this contract that the HIRER is not responsible for the loss of, nor damage to the supplier, act or artist property unless such loss or damage is caused by the hirer or his/her servants or agents and/or the property is in the possession or control of the hirer, his/her servants or agents at the time of loss or damage.

Deposit – a non-refundable deposit of 20% is be paid to JamesBond-Lookalikes.com to secure the date upon signing the contract.  The hirer will receive by e-mail a confirmation the contract and cheque has been received by JamesBond-Lookalikes.com

The address the contract, deposit and final balance cheque should be sent to is; JamesBond-Lookalikes, 25, Lulworth Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, CV8 2XG.

Fees - Fees will include the fee of the Act, supplier or artist as stipulated in the quotation and contract plus where indicated and appropriate, cost of travel, fuel, reasonable parking or out of pocket expenses in getting to and from the venue.

Where applicable, parking space, a changing room/green room, refreshments (food and drink but not necessarily alcoholic drink) may be stipulated in the contract for the act, supplier or artist.

Balance payments – The balance of the fee, that is the total fee less the deposit sum paid, shall be paid and arrive at the office of James Bond-Lookalikes.com no later than 14 days prior to the event or function unless by agreement. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure the final balance payment reaches James Bond-Lookalikes.com by this date. If the fee is not paid by the date stipulated in this contract, James Bond-Lookalikes.com shall have the right to cancel the act, supplier or artist at the venue without recourse or recompense to the hirer. James Bond-Lookalikes.com does not send reminders to hirers for payment.

Changes and amendments – All changes, modifications, amendments or alterations to the contract and logistics form (for example, change of venue, change of date) must be made to JamesBond-Lookalikes.com as soon as it is known. If any changes or amendments have been made known, James Bond-Lookalikes.com shall reserve the right to cancel the engagement. If JamesBond-Lookalikes.com decides to cancel the engagement the hirer shall be entitled to 50% of the deposit as a refund.

Cancelations – If JamesBond-Lookalikes.com for any reason must cancel the engagement prior to the balance being paid, a full refund of the deposit will be made to the hirer.

If the hirer for whatever reason decides to cancel JamesBond-Lookalikes.com engagement, the full deposit will be forfeited without recourse or recompense.

 If the hirer has paid the balance or total fee to JamesBond-Lookalikes.com and the hirer requests a cancelation, 50% of the balance fee amount will be refunded. The initial 20% non-refundable deposit will not be refunded.

Affiliations - jamesbond-lookalikes is not associated with, an affiliate of or franchisee of Danjaq LLC or United Artists or the owners of the James Bond brand. Jamesbond-lookalikes is purely a supplier of fun and entertainment products and services representing suppliers within the entertainment industry. We do not imply any associations and no inference should be taken.



Corrections to any of the details on the signature side of the contract, or objections to the above terms and conditions of the contract, must be raised with James Bond-Lookalikes.com immediately in writing. Verbal objections will not be accepted.

The issued contract to the HIRER is to be signed and returned with a non-refundable deposit within 14 days of date of issue to secure a booking.