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007 Title in Development at Raven


11th May 2011, Fudzilla



Activision to release it later this year Another

James Bond 007 title is in the cards for release later this year. The last Bond title that Activision released was the 007 Bloodstone title that was developed by Blur and PGR developer Bizzarre Creations, which was closed by Activision earlier this year. Bloodstone, while an interesting title with some very good driving sequences, unfortunately didn’t have sales numbers that were very encouraging for the future of the Bond video game franchise.

Activision (who still holds the rights to the Bond video game franchise) is still trying to recapture the magic that has been elusive for Bond titles since the release of Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64, which was developed by Rare. Activision appears to want to try again for more success this time.

Whispers suggest that it will be a different kind of 007 game with a focus on stealth and the usual Bond style action sequences. While Activision has not confirmed it, the title is believed to be in development at Raven, who recently released Singularity. The new Bond title will not be tied into a new movie, as the next Bond adventure is not scheduled to arrive till November 2012. While a release date for the new Bond video game has not been set, it will arrive later this year, according to Activision. Expect to hear more specifics about the title at E3.


Source:  http://www.fudzilla.com/games/item/22687-007-title-in-development-at-raven