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Mixologists (cocktails)


The glamour and glitz of a Professional bar tender is hard to beat; it adds sophistication, excitement and fun to any party night.

The flair of our bartenders (juggling bottles and performing highly visual routines aka as in the Secret Agent Cocktail barfilms "Cocktail" and "Coyote Ugly") is sheer entertainment alone. To get an unbelievable made-to-oder cocktail is pure heaven!

We can supply:







Unlike a lot of Cocktail companies in the UK, we will provide ONLY what you want.  We will indicate where you can save costs -  by you (as opposed to us) providing the items!


Based on a 3-hour minimum hiring

Cocktail Mixologist POA
Flair Mixologist POA
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Please note:  For parties/functions of OVER 40 guests in attendance, a bar (2m - standard or premium)  will need to be ordered, unless a bar of similar specification can be provided. Providing 'Standard' (kitchen) table for guest numbers of under 30  is not a problem. see below for specification.  
2m standard bar (for up to 50 guests)  
[ delivery, set-up and removal fee to be added - all location of function dependent ]  
2m James Bond themed Premium bar (pictured above)                                       
[Delivery, set-up and removal fee to be added - location of function dependent]  
Prices quoted below are charged just one-way to the venue - not each way.
Staff & bars at cost to venue
Depending on the location of the Party,  the delivery fee for the bars may differ slightly from quoted above.  
for more information, please visit:  www.passionforcocktails.com  - our partner in all things alcoholic and heavenly.  



He is an expert and professional bartender who will accurately and beautifully create before your eyes spectacular cocktails.

Flair Mixologist
He is a bartender extraordinaire!  He will be creating a 'show' or display for you and your guests by twirling, spinning and throwing bottles around (and catching them!)

The prices quoted above are per Mixologist or Flair Mixologist.  For parties up to 50 guests, one Mixologist would be sufficient.  However for larger parties you may wish to consider ONE Mixologist and ONE Flair Mixologist.  You can of course have as many as you wish or feel you actually need.

Each Mixologist will bring their own 'box of tricks' (Cocktail shaker, strainers etc).

Mixologist Traveling Time
In order to save you (the client) money, we have a team of professional Mixologists around the country.  We will call upon him/them as and when we need them  - which ever are the nearest to your function venue.

Our bars start at 1m width and stretch up to 4m width.  They are NOT obligatory, you do not need to have them if you do not wish for parties with less than 30/40 guests.  However our Mixologists will need a bar or table to operate from.

For parties where there will be 30/40+ guests in attendance, a professional bar will have to be ordered.


Prices quoted are for a three hour session.  Divide the figure above by three to find the hourly cost if you wish to have them for longer.  Three hours is the minimum hiring period.

We can supply drinks for you OR you can supply them yourselves. Our Mixologists will talk through the types of cocktails that may be suitable for your party, function or event. With yourself purchasing the drinks, it will work out cheaper fror you as well as you being able to keep a tight reign on the overall budget!