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EVERYTHING You Need For Your Secret Agent Party

FREE Logos and Invites


Every Party, Ball and Event takes massive amounts of:  discussions, planning, organizing, negotiating,  and finally booking and organizing the Acts and suppliers.

One thing often over looked is an 'image' for the function. Your guests first impression is the 'advertising', the poster, the invite. This tends to be one of the last thoughts and usually when the budget is almost gone!

This is where hopefully we can help SAVE you some money.


We have created a number of LOGOS and INVITATIONS as well as POSTERS you can use FREE OF CHARGE for your event.

We have tired to think of themes that you can use, add-to or even develop to make your event as truly  professionally looking function.

Call us.

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Below are low-resolution images. We have print-quality High-resolution images

Casino Grande Invite   MI Classified Ball
The Grande Casino Ball    Military Intelligence Ball
The Stictly Confidential invite  
Strictly Confidential Invite   For Queen and Country Invite

Having invites is one thing, however you'll need to tie-in everything to make a coherent overall image or identity for your guests for your party or Ball.  This is created by the 'logo' or theme identity used where ever possible.

Below are the Logos of the invites.  You will receives these free of charge to.

  Military Intelligence Logo
The Grande Casino Ball   Military Intelligence Ball
For Queen and Country Logo  
Strictly Confidential Logo   For Queen and Country Logo