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Fire Acts

Spectacular Fire Acts

Add drama, theatre, a touch of danger and somethingout-of-the-ordinary. 
What better then a Fire show!

Jo Ress-Howell and Tom Clayton are beyond spectacular!  They perform feats of unbelievable daringness. With nerves of steel and the constitution of Medieval dragons (in the nicest sense of the meaning of course) they will leave you and your guests spell-bound and amazed.

Their act consists of dancing and staff manipulation in a dramatic and incredible way. They are stylistically flexible and can tailor their act to your theme or ideas. Prior to the day, they will talk through what your ideas are and what they can do to enhance the night.

Their sets are normally 30-45 minutes with a number of separate sets being peformed during the night.




2 x 30-45 minutes sets                   £385.25

Additional costs                             Traveling - at cost to venue




Please note, as this is a Fire Act, the Hirer/organizer must ensure all hazard precautions as well as safety measures for guests are covered.

Unlike most of our other Acts, this one does need darkness / night time to perform!

Mass of Fire - Jamesbond-lookalikes Fire ActImpressive Fire Act - always a show stopper


       Spectacular and dangerous

Jo and Tom - The Fire Act are incredible

Call or book them now - it will add drama and excitement to you Party or Ball