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EVERYTHING You Need For Your Secret Agent Party

Hats and disguises

From get-noticed hats to Beard Beanies (the lastest and newest thing from the USA) - you will certainly make an impact and be noticed!


          Visors with Hair
also known as Hairy Hats, Wig Visors, Funky Hair Hats, Hairy Visors or
Hats with Hair!
- take your pick! They ARE hilarious and GREAT fun (as well as practical)


Beard Beanies
Literally the latest thing from The USA.  You've heard of and
seen a Beanie hat (you may even have one) but this is one step beyond!


An inexpensive way of being a rebel and causing a stir at the party! Classic Skull and cross-bones bandana with a choice of fantastic colured hair.

Face Masks
With almost 100 disguises to choose from - no one is bound to know who you are. However,  wearing a Tuxedo and Her Majesty's face mask may be tad too far!