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EVERYTHING You Need For Your Secret Agent Party

Acts, Singers and Entertainers

No Party or Ball would be complete without entertainment.


There are literally thousands of entertainers, singers, tribute bands, groups and acts of all descriptions in the UK today.  However, not all are suitable for a Secret Agent Ball, party or function.

The key to any successful night is the mix; putting the right ingredients together in order for your guests not to get bored or want to wander off because of the lack of excitement to the evening.

In the last seven years we have seen countless acts and entertainers.  Some we have liked, a lot we have not.  In the celebrity age we live in, there are a fair number of people wandering around that think they have, for want of a better phrase, the "X-Factor". Unfortunately they don't. The only people they please is themselves.  Over the next few weeks and months we will be contacting the people we have seen and will be placing them here for you to see and hear.

We are only as good as our selected entertainers.  Sorry to be so picky-and-choosy. If we can recommend a good act to you, hopefully you'll come back to us for more.