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Faye Horne


Faye is one of those girls you just can't take your eyes off.

Faye Horne - just unbelievable

When the curtains part, the lights come up and Faye's steps into the limelight - her stage-presence is immediately electrifying. From the first note to the very last everyone is captivated and hangs on every syllable she sings.

If you are after an Entertainer, a Singer, a highlight to your evening - Faye Horne is the person you need.

Imagine your audience dancing, imagine everyone listening and silently singing along with her; and best of all, imagine everyone brimming ear-to-ear with pleasure and having a REALLY good time.  As corny as this may sound - that is what Faye does to an audience.  At the end of the evening you will KNOW you have been entertained and had a wonderful time.  You'll get that 'Faye Buzz' and be humming her tunes all the way home!


Faye Horne - an entertainer extraordinaireFaye has gleaned numerous accolades and awards from her peers and those in the industry over the past few years.

She is literally a rising star in the making.

In 1980 during my college days, I had the chance of booking U2 for just £300.  No one had ever heard of them at that time (even in Ireland), so I rejected the offer - don't make that same mistake I made!

We all will be hearing a lot of Faye Horne in the future.  She has a powerful and commanding voice; a voice that gets noticed. She will be a chart-topper soon.

I gaurantee if you book Faye, you will NOT be disappointed - especially as you'll be able to brag about her in years to come!

Faye has just released her first CD.  She will be embarking on a UK tour later in the year.  In between dates, why not book her for your Ball?




2 x 45-minute sets                                                   £775.00


Additional costs

Traveling                                                                   at cost to venue



For your Ball, Party or function - Faye Horne will most definitely be a show-stopper!

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